We are the technology providers to the asset management industry


Help your teams and your clients bring new index ideas to life


Build a community. Share and discuss index ideas


Boost your index distribution and accelerate R&D


Do more in less time. Making indexing simple and scalable


Design new indices faster

Speed Up Your R&D

Simply select universe, filters, data sources and parameters for a new index. Then generate backtesting, factsheet and analytics on the fly.

Perform R&D through a point & click interface or a Python interface. Test and optimize index ideas.

Use Your Own Data

The platform is connected to your data sources. You know your data better than anyone.

Avoid discrepancies between backtesting and production.

Monetize your data sources (e.g. ESG data) and index methodologies


Create a community by sharing your results between co-workers and clients

Share Backtests and Factsheets

Generate backtests and factsheets on-demand to discuss or market your latest index idea.

Share Models

Replace long email chains and spreadsheets by the share functionality of the platform. Share models with read-only or write access.

Discuss on the spot potential improvement, implement and test.

Testing models has never been more efficient.

Manage Your Library of Index Models

Once the model is finalised and approved, freeze it. Then your community can use it, ensuring compliance and minimizing errors.


Boost your distribution and services

A New Digital Distribution Channel for Index Providers

White-labelled platform for your teams and clients.

Enlarge your client base.

Offer more services to your existing clients.

Extend Your Product Range

Clients can test modified versions of your standardized benchmarks (e.g. ESG overlay).

Alternatively, clients can build indices from scratch.

Support Your Clients

Your clients can now design index quickly with minimal sales and R&D support.


Increase index output and reduce backlogs

Increase Your R&D Output

Forget about the never-ending iterations with clients for every index change. Clients can now create, test and compare indices using your data sources and your index methodologies.

Make Life Easier For Your Clients

Most of your clients know what they are looking for. Provide them with the tool to test their ideas right now.

Reduce the backlog. Increase client satisfaction.

Scale Up Your Production

Only a digital business model allows index providers to scale significantly. Your organisation delivers more in less time with a platform.


We are the technology provider to the asset management industry

What it is

Universe as Service (UaS) offers access to thematics, asset classes and geographical regions, which are not accessible to most investors.

Why Universe-as-Service (UaS)

Combining UaS with direct indexing democratises investing, offers innovative approaches to asset managers and delivers a new set of tailor-made passive investments for institutional investors.


All investor segments can invest into the same set of universes. Only the level of detail presented to these segments differs.


The core of UaS is a highly flexible database with a growing number of investable universes. It is connected to ALLINDEX’s Index-as-Platform service to deliver instantaneous backtesting, reporting and analytics our universes.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of senior financial professionals with a mission to change the asset management industry. Each of us has either introduced new technologies, built new markets or run global teams.

What We Do

We are passionate about technology and how it can be used to improve businesses: Scale R&D output, digitalise the index management process and improve client experience.

Why Choose Us

ALLINDEX gathers a unique combination of talents from various industries: indexing, asset management and investment banking. Established in Switzerland in June 2018, the company operates globally with founding partners based in Basel, San Francisco and New Delhi.

Meet the Team

ALLINDEX was founded by a team of seasoned financial market professionals to change the asset management.


Peter Knez / Chairman

Peter is a legend in the asset management industry and one of the founding fathers of passive investing. He is the former CIO of BGI and Blackrock.


Reinhard Stary / Vice Chairman

Reinhard is a former senior executive at Zurich Group. Seasoned CxO at various technology companies. He can take you through a negotiation roller coaster, but it will feel like a smooth ride.


Christian Kronseder / CEO / Board Member

Christian develops index platforms to reduce time to market and shrink costs. He successfully built the structured product platform of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). He was formerly COO of STOXX.


Robert Bareder / CFO / Board Member

Robert is the heart of ALLINDEX’s administrative and financial operations. He held CFO roles for private banks as well as for subsidiaries of global banks in Switzerland. In his most recent role he was CFO at RBS Switzerland.


Aladar Tepelea / Business Development Lead

Aladar is an expert in corporate development and fintech innovation. He previously worked for Blackrock covering strategy, M&A and venturing topics. If he can't get through the front door, he gets in through the window.... or the chimney.


Paul Hegraeus / Managing Director, Head Family Offices

Paul has a distinguished 25 years in private banking and family office management. Having had the opportunity to work for, and with, several of Europe’s largest family offices in senior roles at Merrill Lynch, UBS Ultra, hedge funds and leading family offices.

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